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Ordering Instructions

Hyspan Series 7500 Formed Bellows may be ordered directly from this catalog by using the stock number selected from the tabulation and adding the appropriate Dash Numbers.

If the neck trim length is deleted from the part number it is assumed to be the standard—0.75" through 6" I.D., 1.0" over 6" I.D.

Optional materials, neck trim configurations, and bands must be specified separately—refer to pages 3 and 4 for options available.

Size: 1.50" I.D., 1.95" O.D.
Material: .008" Thick Type 321Stainless Steel
Convoluted Length: 4.0"
Neck Trim: 0.50"

Ordering Example

Refer to Ordering for the Limited Warranty, Terms and Conditions, and Hyspan's credit policy.

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