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Bellows Assemblies

Series 7500 formed bellows can be used in assemblies and for applications that are only limited by your imagination. Hyspan is ready to assist you from preliminary design to final testing. The company maintains extensive engineering capability for the design of metal bellows and related hardware, and has complete facilities for prototype production and development testing. Once developed Hyspan has unparalleled capability for volume production at company owned facilities at five locations.

Valve Seals
Valve Seals: Formed bellows are commonly used for packless valve seals in safety, control and high vacuum valves. Hyspan has a complete library of designs for commonly used valves, and the capability to develop new designs. For high temperature and corrosive service speciality alloys such as Monel 400, Alloy 625, and Hastelloy C-276 are available.

Pressure Restrained
Pressure Restrained: Structural components can be added to react the pressure thrust force of unrestrained bellows. In the photograph to the right, gimbal hardware has been added which restrains the bellows but allows universal angular motion. Two or three joints (depending on the application) of this design will absorb linear motion in all directions.

In-Line Pressure Balanced Assembly

This photograph is an in-line pressure balanced assembly. There are four small diameter which have a total effective area equal to the larger line bellows, and through the rods and structure the pressure thrust is balanced internally. The only resistance to axial motion is the bellows axial spring rate.

Wave Guides
Wave Guides: Formed bellows are used as wave guides. The assemblies in the photograph are made from aluminum. As shown they are easily formed into the required shape. Hyspan also manufactures bellows made from stainless steel and Beryllium copper.

Cryogenics and High Vacuum
Cryogenics and High Vacuum: Probably the most common applications of formed metal bellows are for cryogenic and ultra-high vacuum service. The assemblies shown in the photograph are for cryogenic service in medical equipment. The copper ring in the center is brazed to the stainless steel bellows. The completed assembly is leak tested to
1x10-10scc/sec. of helium. Hyspan maintains ASNT Level II helium leak testing certifications, and has facilities for liquid nitrogen testing.

Volume Compensation and Pressure Actuators
Volume Compensation and Pressure Actuators: Bellows can be designed into sealed assemblies that can be pressurized internally or externally to provide large volume changes. The exposed bellows is a "crush formed" bellows assembly that was used in an electrical transformer that was designed for a 3x increase in length. The launch pads at Vandenburg AFB use this concept to raise and lower the launch vehicle. The design pressure for this application was 3000 psig.

Development Testing

Development Testing: Hyspan has facilities and equipment for a wide range of testing that is required for bellows product development. The photographs illustrate two bellows designed into a "tied universal". It was cycled with a lateral offset of 2" each side of neutral for 22,000 cycles while pressurized to 280 psig and heated to 900°F. The forces and moments at the end attachments were measured during the test.

Development Testing

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