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Photo of wind tunnel balance connection
Hyspan was founded in 1968 as a manufacturer of metal bellows and assemblies that incorporate metal bellows. From the onset the company has maintained a strong engineering and quality capability emphasizing product design and development for a wide range of industries including automotive, defense, energy, research, marine products, medical products, valve seals, vacuum products, cryogenic products, and missile and space applications. In addition to the Hyspan products, the company purchased the assets of Anaconda/Anamet metal hose in Waterbury, Connecticut and manufacturers the Anaconda/Anamet products.

Photo of wind tunnel balance connection
Wind Tunnel Balance - The first product produced by Hyspan in June 1968
Hyspan's facilities include the total metal working capability to machine, weld, form and test complete assemblies. Testing and development capability includes helium leak testing, cryogenic testing, pressure and temperature testing, cycle testing, and all non-destructive testing methods including radiography. Some of these facilities are illustrated in the Bellows Assemblies section of this web page.

Prototype Heart Pump Bellows
Prototype Heart Pump Bellows
Manufactured in 1970 for a heart pump research project. The bellows is ¼" inside diameter and is made from Alloy 625 with root rings.
Hyspan is a member of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, the organization that has been responsible for developing the worldwide standards for metal bellows design. The organization's members collaborate in the development of methods of analysis of bellows, validation testing, and establishing analytical and quality standards.

Hyspan manufactures other products including industrial expansion joints, HVAC expansion joints, packed slip expansion joints, piping ball joints, wire braid, venturi flow measurement systems, and corrugated and strip wound metal hose though the Universal Metal Hose subsidiary (www.universalmetalhose.com). Hyspan's quality system includes certifications to ASME Section VIII Division I (U stamp), MIL-I-45208 and Pressure Equipment Materials Division (PED).

Hyspan Certificates
EJMA Certificate, TUV Certificate, ASME Certificate, National Board Certificate

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